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Wildlife Control Services is a nationally recognized leader in the field of  professional wildlife control. 
Our Bat Control Division has provided services nationwide for state and federal facilities, national parks, condominium resorts, housing developments, private estates and hundreds of residential sites .                                                                 
This page was last updated on: June 12, 2023
     Wildlife Control Services first priority is to provide a timely response to every contact made to our office. Then to provide a professional consultation /evaluation of your problem based upon the facts provided and by viewing digital photographs, if possible, of your home, dwelling or business if possible prior to an on site visitation.

     Our technicians are very thorough with our interviewing procedures regarding your bat problem. This is a necessary requirement so that we may establish as many facts as soon as possible in order to make an accurate assessment of your situation. It is our firm policy to only make recommendations based upon the information provided and not to speculate. By doing this we can meet the specific needs of our clients quickly and on a more personal level. A timely response and resolution to a bat problem is very important to you and to us as bat control specialists.

      Some typical procedural questions we ask are as follows: Is your bat problem a health and safety issue with respects to possible bat contact exposures? Do you have infants, small children or handicapped individuals in your home?  Is your bat infestation causing an odor problem as a result of bat fecal waste accumulation? (guano).Has anyone in your residence ever been diagnosed with Histoplasmosis? Are you experiencing regular or sporadic bat flight in the living space or basement? Have you done a watch to determine the approximate number of bats you may have exiting the structure? Do you have a history of bat activity or did you inherit the problem as the result of a recent move or home purchase? What time of year does your problem usually occur spring, summer, fall or winter? What are the average nightly temperatures in your region at the time of  your contact with us?

      The answers to all of these questions are very important. They will provide us with valuable information that is necessary to establish the best course of action for you. Also what measures must be taken in order to have a complete and successful bat colony evacuation if needed. 

     There are some individuals and companies that provide this kind of service that fail to have the necessary experience with bat colony habits. Especially the significant effects weather, temperature and time of year have upon active flight. Being knowledgeable of the birthing time for bats in your specific area are also important. Failure to thoroughly understand these vital facts can certainly cause more problems than necessary if not understood or considered by the service provider. 

     Our field experience over the years has taught us both the good and bad as well as the do's and don'ts of  Professional Bat Control. If a mistake is made as a result of ignorance the client is the one that suffers ultimately. Contacts to our office by a disgruntled homeowner to resolve a poorly executed bat project performed by another service provider occurs frequently.  Then to correct a problem after the damage has been done is not an easy task . 

       If your home or business is in reasonable structural condition we can be of service to you. If however we determine through our inspection that due to existing site conditions we feel that we will not be able to provide the necessary bat control services at that time we will advise you of that situation immediately. In that event we will provide a consultation as to what steps we feel need to be taken to resolve your bat problem. 

      Browse through our other links for more information about our services, residential and commercial bat control project sites, bat info, guano waste removal and bat houses. Many of the photos displayed within our site capture some of our top team members at work. Others are of actual on site conditions encountered while performing some of our bat control projects. Some of the photos are quite graphic in nature and reveal the severity of some bat infestations which are the result of many years of inhabitation. We hope that you will find our site to be helpful and informative. It will certainly give you a better understanding of the role we play in professional bat control.


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